How to Style Bridal Details in 5 Minutes for Timeless Wedding Detail Shots

Is 5 minutes enough time to Style a Flat Lay??  

Is it even possible?  

YES! All you need is the RIGHT Props, the knowledge & a little practice. 

Don’t worry, I have you covered on all fronts. 

We will be breaking down some basic Wedding Flatlay Styling fundamentals that you can apply to ALL your Wedding Detail Shots.  I will also be showing you My Number 1 Go-to Trick on HOW to STYLE Ribbon PERFECTLY every time! 

We will be Styling with Rings provided by the Bride & FlatLay Props you will be bringing.  

What we are using in todays Video:

  1. Bride's Rings
  2. Diamond White 3 Slot Ring Box (linked below)
  3. Diamond White Crushed Velvet Ribbon (linked below)
  4. Matte White Ruffled Dish  (linked below)
  5. Gold Tray (linked below) 
  6. Fake Pearls (linked below)
  7. Floral Risers (linked below) 
  8. Styling Mat ~ COMING SOON ~ join the waitlist to be the first to know when they launch 


⟡ ⟡ Flat Lay Styling Props Featured in today's Video:

⟡ Gold Tray 

⟡ 3 Slot White Ring Box 

⟡ Diamond White Velvet Ribbon 

⟡ Matte White Ruffled Dish 


⟡ Floral Risers 

If You are LOVING this tray, be sure to check out our other Video
How to Style a Groom’s Flat Lay Detail ( in 2 minutes).

I cover a lot of Flat Lay Fundamentals in this styling Video.  On a wedding day, it can be hard to remember them, add the stress of everyone pulling at you… it might seem impossible.  

Don't worry, I also have created a guide to help You recreate this Bridal Detail Shot.  

Prop Tip..  

Pin this for Later & Take a Screenshot.

Make a Folder in Your phone BRIDE’S DETAILS for Quick Reference on the Wedding Day so YOU can recreate this look in 5 Minutes

I hope these Videos & Checklists are helping You elevate Your Flat lays & Brand!  I know it can seem overwhelming, but I promise, it gets easier!  In the meantime there are many Styling Videos in the Library to help you in your flat lay journey.   

Stay tuned, more Flat Lay Styling Tutorials & How-To’s will be coming soon!  If you enjoyed this Video, Please make sure you are Subscribed to Get All the Latest Styling Tips Delivered Right to Your inbox!  You Don't Want to Miss out. Join me to level up your Flat Lays & Elevate Your Brand!  

You are just ONE CLICK AWAY from …

Taking Your Wedding Day Details from Simple to Stunning    
Let's do this,  I’m in! 

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