How to Style a Groom’s Flat Lay Detail (in 2 Minutes)

Are you ready for Groom's Styling Details in only 2 Minutes? 

In this lightning fast How-To Tutorial, I will be sharing the Basic Design Principles for Styling a Groom's Flat Lay (and yes, it is different from your Bridal Details).

On a Wedding Day time is limited and creating Publication Worthy Flat Lay can seem impossible.

Styling your Groom's details often does not happen for this reason!  

OR  You feel like you CANNOT create a Flat Lay that is Photo Worthy.  

In this video, I am going to solve BOTH of these problems in 2 Minutes.  As well as cover some basic Flat Lay Design Principals that you can apply to your Flat Lay Wedding Photography. 

We will be Styling with elements provided by the Groom & 1 Flat Lay Prop you will be bringing. 

What we are using in todays video:

  1. Groom’s Shoes 
  2. Groom’s Tie 
  3. Groom’s Watch 
  4. Groom's Cuff Link ONE? 
  5. Gold Tray (linked below)



Product Featured in Video:

⟡ Gold Tray  

If You are LOVING this tray, be sure to check out our other Styling Video, where we feature this same tray only styled for our Bride..

I know watching the Video and hearing the step by step process is KEY to understanding and re-creating on a wedding day!  However, if you are like me, I also love a list & a guide to reference!  So I am going to share the KEY design takeaways from this Video.  

Prop Tip..  

Pin this for Later  & take a screenshot 

Make a Folder in Your phone GROOM'S DETAILS for Quick Reference on the wedding day so YOU can recreate this look in 2 Minutes. 


 With anything, there are exceptions to every rule, these are just some basics to help you on your Styling journey!  The More you Style & practice the easier it becomes.. I PROMISE!

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