5 Minute Grooms Tutorial

In 5 Minutes You can create Groom’s Details that will elevate your Brand & Portfolio. I’m sharing my Flat Lay Secrets that will transform your Wedding Flat Lays. In this STEP by STEP Wedding Flat Lay tutorial we are breaking down Grooms Details. Make sure to watch all 3 Flatlay Videos to level your Wedding Flat lays 

⟡⟡ Flat Lay Styling Props Featured in today Video ⟡⟡

⟡ Floral Risers https://champagneandgrit.com/products/floral-risers-kit-for-flat-lays

⟡ Acrylic Block Set https://champagneandgrit.com/products/6-piece-acrylic-styling-block-set-for-flat-lays

⟡ Gold Vintage Dish  


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⟡ Styling Matt ~ COMING SOON ~ hand Painted with Love 

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