Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat
Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat

Chasing Thunder ~ Flat Lay Backdrop Styling Mat

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Elevate your flatlays in seconds with our Hand Painted Styling Mat. 

With Shades of Soft Gray, Ivory, White & touches of Taupe, this styling surface is a Stunning Cool Neutral that has the versatility to also be styled with Warmer Rich Colors, too. 

Our Gray Rollable Styling Mat is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for your next wedding flat lay details. It's easy transportable which ensures you can bring it to any location, allowing you to create exquisite, consistent flat lays wherever your work takes you

The combination of warm & cool neutrals create a stunning, elegant Backdrop to showcase your next wedding day flat lay.   Unsure of what Styling Mat to add to your collection? A sophisticated Neutral that goes with almost everything is an easy choice. 

The Inspiration ~ The transformation of light in the sky right before those midday Florida Thunderstorms.  Standing on the Reptile Farm, watching the sky Roll up, Chasing the Thunder.  The vibrant blue transforming into a silvery gray, the burst of cold air right before the sky opens up and the rain pours down. The thunder billowing so loud you can feel it in your bones. 

It is & forever will be one of my favorite memories.  This Flat Lay Mat has a very special place in my heart & collection. 

10% of all Sales will be donated to USARK to honor Eric, his legacy & his dreams that ended too soon. 

FLAT LAY STYLING BACKDROP:   🎨 Every Canvas is HAND PAINTED, meaning each Styling Mat will have its own beautiful Story to tell with different designs & variations.

SIZE: 19” x  26 ½”

All flat lay mats are hand cut & frayed ~ meaning the size will NOT be an exact rectangle, please allow for Slight Size Variations.  

COLOR PALLET: Soft Cool Gray, Warm Gray, Shades of White & touches of Taupe 

No two flatlay mats are identical making your Styling Mat a unique One Of Kind Work Of Art.  

Thank YOU for supporting an Artist. 

Your Order will be Shipped In a Tube for Safe Transport & Storage.  * we have finally found a light weight!!!!  I ts black, it zips & our tube fits right inside!  & it has a SHOULDER STRAP,  you have enough in your hands.. make sure to grab yours today! 

This Mat is NOT food Safe, DO NOT consume food that has been Styled on this flat lay mat. 

~ USARK The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a science, education and conservation-based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles and amphibians.

Frequently Asked Questions


Even with our Signature Top Coat we recommend Spot Treatment of Spills & Stains as soon as possible

  • Blot stain with paper towel to soak up excess liquid.
  • Use a Damp WHITE rag & gently spot clean the area. 
  • Dabbing & using minimal water.. You do not want to soak the area.  
  • please Do NOT rub with excessive force this will damage your styling mat

Water-based stains do not need soap.

If you do need to use soap, use a small amount of Dawn.  

Apply the Dawn to the cloth.. Not the styling mat, and follow the above directions.


a small soft bristle paint brush works wonders or even a lint roller. 

Do NOT consume food that has been styled on this Mat.  

These Mats are NOT FOOD SAFE. 


Storing your Styling Mat in the Tube it was shipped in will ensure the longevity of your investment.  

Do NOT crease or fold your Styling Mat.   Due to the hand painted nature of your Styling Mat, this can cause the paint to crack or cause permanent damage to the Mat.  


Light Creases or dents can be quickly removed by ironing the BACK SIDE (the non painted) side of your mat 

IRON on MEDIUM heat DRY Setting


The fastest way to ensure your flat lay mat lays flat is to roll your mat in the opposite direction after unrolling. 

Warmer temperatures will allow the mat to be more pliable, while cold weather can cause your mat to be stiff. In Cooler temperatures you might need to roll the mat a few times to achieve a FLAT mat. 

PRO TIP: a quick blast (on the non painted side) from a blow dryer can also aid in heating the mat up to allow it to lay flat!  

6 to 10 weeks 

Each Styling Mat is different with multiple colors & layers of paint. 

I personally (Jaime) am painting Your One Of a Kind Work Art.  

The process from painting, to drying, to our signature TOP COAT takes time. 

  • 3 to 5 weeks for the Paint to Fully Cure.
  • Then our Signature Top Coat is applied.
  • 3 to 4 layers of a matte protective coating is applied, with drying & curing time between each coat. 
  • This Top coat takes an additional 2 to 3 weeks to Cure.

Bringing the total production time for a Styling Mat 6 to 10 weeks. 

Why a Top Coat?

You are investing in a Styling Mat, a work of art, you are going to put flowers, shoes and other elements on your canvas.. While the intention of being careful is always on our minds… LIFE HAPPENS!  

For this reason, ALL Styling Surfaces are treated with 3 to 4 layers of our Signature Matte Top coat. It is our way to ensure your investment is protected.

You have peace of mind knowing that your Styling Mat, Your traveling work of art, is more durable than others on the market.   

Please know it is still fragile & needs to be handled with loving care

Most other companies do NOT do this & here is why..

  • 1. It adds 3 to 4 weeks time to the process 
  • 2. It is time consuming 
  • 3. It physically stinks, you need to wear a respirator 
  • 4. It is an added cost
  • 5. It requires skills & equipment


Because it is better.. It is just that simple. 

A topcoat provides a layer of protection against stains.

It makes your Styling Mat more durable 

It makes it easier to clean.

As an artist, the process of creation & the quality of the product I am putting out into the world matters greatly to me.  I want to ensure that your styling mat is protected, a top coat ensures that. 

The STORY & HEART behind our Hand Painted Styling Mats

Creating a cohesive & effortless experience for you, so you can create STUNNING imagery in seconds.   

Our Process

In my GARAGE… Not some beautiful Studio. 

It's HOT.. like some days over 100 with the heat index.  But it's magical to me. 

When I look down, as the paint brush glides in my hand, there is a feeling.  A feeling of aliveness, of Hope, of Love, or Purpose.  Of me finding a part of myself that I thought had died 4 years ago with the passing of Eric. 

In 2020 I put the brush down, the passing of Eric, relocating, my Mom’s Parkinson’s & the world in the state of Covid … what once brought joy, brought a feeling of insurmountable loss.

I sent my clients to other amazing artists who became friends.  

In 2024, those friends have all put down their brushes, with life shifting.. I began to feel the call to pick up my brush again.

I have found love, hope & a new home.  My heart knew with certainty it was time to pick up the brush again.  It has been scary to say the least, to embark on painting again, but healing. 

As I stand in my Garage and look at my desk filled with brushes, paint & dreams.. I look at the photo of the Man who Loved me and went to heaven too soon & know he is smiling down on me, beaming with pride that I picked up the Brush again.  I then look at the photo of the man who loves me now (Jeff), who dropped everything to get on a plane to help me. To set up this studio space so I could paint again, who will not let me give up on myself, who reminds me that I am doing amazing things (even when I feel like I am failing).  I am blessed beyond measure. 

Being an “Artist” is subjective, it is hard, it is an ever evolving process.  Though I took a pause, that creative soul inside never left, nor did the knowledge, the technique or the drive to create something truly exceptional stop.

The HEART: (my heart)
Canvas, Paint, Love & Blessings.   

As I paint every canvas, I pray a blessing.  I pray a blessing (in advance) that whoever purchases this work of art, that it blesses them.  That it fills their business, wedding or whatever they are using it for with love, happiness, joy & abundance.  I thank them in advance for helping me pursue my dreams.    

You either got on board with that or you think I am nuts!!  I pray blessing on every order.. So it will be blessed again once it ships out.  

I know 100% that my faith, kindness & gratitude is why I am still standing today.  I try to infuse this into every part of life.. I start every day & end every day with Gratitude.  

If you are a client, I can say with certainty your name has started or ended my day & I have sent you blessings!

Inspired by favorite things..

An Experience, Mother Nature, A loved one..

Each Styling Mat is a Work of Art & will enhance your flat lays & portfolios. Crafted to ensure the color pallets seamlessly match the Styling Props & ribbons in shop.. Taking the guesswork out of creating flawless flat lays. 

I will continue to add seasonal & limited collections.

To create a seamless, elevated experience for you my client! Taking the guesswork out of Flat Lay Styling,  Helping grow your brand & portfolio 

I 100% know how hard it is to buy something online to only have it arrive and the ring box does not match the ribbon, that does not match the Styling Mat & you just wasted time & money.  

I Desire to help You.. to make Your Flat Lay Styling to be effortless.

The Styling Mat, the ribbon, wax seals.. Whatever Styling treasure you purchase from me to enhance your brand, business & flat lay. 

I spend months creating and curating my props. 

I paint 10 to 20 canvases in similar colors before I find the perfect color combinations that will match the ring boxes, ribbons & other props in the shop.  

This process takes 100’s of hours. However, good things take time.. Being creative, this can be SO frustrating.  Because I want to get there faster.. I want to get it in your hands!  But If I am not in LOVE with it.. I am not putting it into the world. 

I want to make sure the colors are perfection.. Not just mehh or ok!! 

I strive to create beauty that will serve & enhance YOUR life, YOUR brand, YOUR dream & Business.  

It is an honor to do so!  I will never put out any less-than-100%, sub par creation.  If I bring it to you.. If I created it for you, It has lit my Soul on Fire, put Joy in my heart & I hope it will do the same for you. 

This collection, though small, is LOVE, is life starting again for me, the rebirth of a dream.  It is such an  honor to be able to further serve you in your Flat Lays (or once again serve you). 

I cannot wait to see what Styling Mat You fall in love with.